Discovery Platform™

Discovery Platforms™ - The thrusts develop a variety of new instrumentation to advance the science in their areas. One effort unique to CINT is the Discovery Platform™. These platforms are modular micro-laboratories designed and batch fabricated by CINT to allow easy integration of nanomaterials into microscale structures. Their purpose is to facilitate studies of nanomaterial properties and their integration. They should allow easy connections, a range of diagnostic and experimental measurement conditions, and a degree of standardization and reproducibility in nanoscale measurements. The inception, creation and evolution of Discovery Platforms have evolved in close collaboration with our user community. The present suite of Discovery Platforms:

Electrical Transport Discovery Platform:
The Electrical Transport Discovery Platform was developed to implement metal-oxide field effect transistor (MOSFET) based nanoelectronics devices. At CINT we measure a variety of nanoelectronics devices from nanowires to patterned GaAs heterostructures to gated silicon nanostructures using this Discovery Platform.
Contact: Mike Lilly

Nanomechanics and Thermal Transport Discovery Platform:
The goal of the CINT Nanomechanics and Thermal Transport Discovery Platform is to enable researchers to perform experiments related to nanomechanics, sensing, scanning probe microscopy, in-situ TEM, and magnetization measurements, all using structures on a single, small chip-based platform. A new version of this Platform also includes structures for measurements of the electrical properties, thermal properties, electromechanical behavior, and microcalorimetry of nanoscale samples.
Contact: John Sullivan

Nanowire Discovery Platform:
The Nanowire Discovery Platform is nearing completion as an experimental toolkit for nanowire and novel materials research. The NWDP builds on lessons learned in the development of the first two Discovery Platforms and will offer scientists a test bed for a diverse set of nanowire synthesis, architecture and characterization capabilities.
Contact: Tom Picraux